STRs for identity ENFSI Reference database, v3/R2

Welcome to STRidER!

STRidER (STRs for Identity ENFSI Reference Database) is the expanded and enhanced version of the ENFSI STRbASE (2004-2016). This curated online high quality STR allele frequency population database enables scientifically reliable STR genotype probability estimates and provides quality control of autosomal STR data. A suite of software tools has been developed at the Institute of Legal Medicine, Medical University of Innsbruck to scrutinize STR population data and thus increase the quality of datasets to ensure reliable allele frequency estimates. STRidER acts as frequency database and software platform for the development of novel tools for STR data QC and other forensic analyses.

STRidER serves the STR community in forensics and beyond in inter-related ways:

STRidER in the field of forensic STR typing (from Bodner et al. 2016)

The concept of STRidER has been developed together with the DNA Commission of the ISFG and is outlined in Bodner M, Bastisch I, Butler JM, Fimmers R, Gill P, Gusmão L, Morling N, Phillips C, Prinz M, Schneider PM, Parson W (2016) Recommendations of the DNA Commission of the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG) on quality control of autosomal Short Tandem Repeat allele frequency databasing (STRidER); Forensic Sci Int Gen 24:97-102.

The STRidER online platform is work in progress. Additional datasets and features will continuously become available. To receive periodic news and stay updated about STRidER, register here for the STRidER newsletter.

Please consider citing STRidER [;Bodner2016] when using it with your research.